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What is Lane?

Lane is a workplace experience tool that helps you support your members through communications and content.

Lane is changing the way people interact with where they work and the people they work with. Designed to support the day-to-day activities that we all face as we work together: in person or remotely.

Your Lane workplace

A Lane workplace represents a building or specific space that's managed by Workplace Owners and Admins. It consists of content, events, classes, with the ability to RSVPs and book sessions, information about building protocols, engaging with workplace-specific Perks.

Organized conversations

In Lane, workplace members can complete and view a whole set of steps related to Create channels for retailers, businesses, or office locations, or anything else that’s relevant to your organization. You can make channels private for content that shouldn’t be open to all members.

Searchable content

When messages and files are shared in public channels, information flows transparently throughout Slack. You can search your team’s conversation history in Slack to find relevant messages, files, channels, and people. With Slack’s searchable history, conversations can become common institutional knowledge.

Connected Integrations

Elevate your workplace and connect existing services or tools you’re already using. With the right integrations installed, you can manage all of your building's activities, without ever having to leave Lane.

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Building your workplace with Lane

  • Working alongside our Client Success team, build and design your workplace. 


  • An organization is an organized body of people with a particular purpose. These can be businesses, societies, or associations.


  • A workplace represents a building or specific space that's managed by Org Admins, and Workplace Admins. End-users can subscribe to workplaces to see published content.


  • A Channel is a single place inside of a Workplace where any 'user' goes to interact with Pages (perks, settings, events, and other building features).

🧠Is your workplace already using Lane?

Read our guide to getting started for new members to learn how to download the Lane app, join your workplace, and set up your profile

Users in Lane

  • Every Slack workspace has a team of members with varying administrative permissions. As a whole, a workplace is typically comprised of the following people:

Org Admins 

  • Create the workplace and set permissions.

Workspace Admins

  • Assigned by Org Owners to help manage a workplace or specific channel in the workplace. These can be retail, office, or property managers.

Workplace Members

  • Members can interact with events and content found in their workplace.

🧠 Who’s who in Lane? Read more about roles and permissions