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User Permissions

Every member of a workplace has a role, each with its own level of permissions and access. With the right permissions, you can see the who's who in your workplace. 

Read the tables below to see the default permissions depending on your role. As Lane continues to expand and grow, so will these permissions!


✅Default permission
➕Only available if your Lane Customer Success Manager changes the default permission.


Organization Admin

Workplace Admin

Workplace Member


Organization and Workplace Management
View Analytics  
Edit Channel Profile    
Manage Admins    
Manage content creators    
Manage workplace members ✅*  
Manage and create teams    
Edit All user permissions    
Update security settings    

* Only view teams and their permissions


Managing Lane
Invite new Admins    
Invite new content creators    
Invite and manage guest visits  
Invite workplace members    


Managing Content on Lane
Manage Media Library  
Can book on behalf of users  
Send notifications    
Create templates    
Create and manage Sections    
Create and manage Tabs    
Create and manage Pages    
Create tags and filters    
Create Content  
Approve and publish Content    


Using Lane
Fill out interactive content
View Notices
Complete transactions
Edit personal profile
Receive notifications