The Dashboard

Displays a high-level overview of the channel's analytics

The dashboard section is the go-to page for the numbers man or woman. At a glance, you can get sense of what's going on with a parent, property or company channel.

Some of the information you could find on the dashboard include:

  • Adoption: shows the ratio of people (users + subscribers) utilizing the app on a property channel, with respect to the total head count for that channel.

  • Subscribers over time: a graph that displays the number of new subcribers on the channel for a given month, and the total number of subscribers up to that date.

You can view the analytics for the month(s) that are not visible, e.g. Dec 15 - April 16, by simply hover over the graph!

  • Active User Count: displays a snapshot of the Active Users/Admins on the channel; you can tweak the display to show weekly, monthly or quaterly user count.
  • Interactions/clicks/Views in a given time period: this chart provides insight into channel statistics such as views, clicks and interactions for the selected time range.