Template Types

Templates can be created for a number of types of content on the platform. Read below to learn about the different types and where they can be used.


Static content are posts that are not tied to a date and time. Use this template type for:

• Service & Amenity Center entries
Channel / Building Profiles in the Property Center


Content templates are for posts that will appear in the home or community feeds of a channel. This is the most common type of template, used for a multitude of purposes, including:

• Contests
• Surveys
• Announcements
• Articles
• Events
• etc.


Perk templates are used to create Perk promotions and are used by the manager of the perks program at your organization. To learn more about the perks program, speak with your Lane rep.


Promotion templates are used only to create retail promotions within the Promotions Center. The promotions center is only available to retailers, using the channel types:

Service (Services on mobile)
Restaurant (Food  on mobile)
Retail (Shops on mobile)