Template Library Overview

Templates are available to all content creators and platform managers, in the channels
they are created. Learn more about channels here

Template Library

Each channel has its own dedicated Template library, which will store templates available to all users on that channel. This library can be found in the left hand navigation bar. 

Here, templates available to the given channel can be created, edited and removed.

Visit this article to learn about who can create templates and how. 

Templates and Channels

With Lane's channel flow, it's possible to create templates at the parent level (ex: Main corporate channel) that will be available to all properties and their sub-channels.

The same applies for a main company or retailer channel and all of its locations. 

Personal Template Library

Individual template libraries are also available. On the Profile page of the web portal, it's possible to create templates that will be available to you regardless of which channel you are working in. 

Check out these articles to learn more about creating templates and template types