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Sign Up Flow

Process for new users registering for the first time

In order to access the platform, a tenant must first create an account. The following steps outline this process:

  1. Download

    Tenant downloads your mobile app from their respective app store OR goes to the platform's webpage.
  2. Select building & Company

    Tenant must select a building, and optionally, a company. Before being shown a list of available buildings or companies, the tenant is prompted to allow the app to access their location.

    If the tenant allows location access, they will be shown buildings that are nearby. If they deny access, they will have to input their city before being shown a list of buildings in that city.

    When selecting a building and/ or company, the tenant can either browse the list, or search by name.
  3. Enter account details

    Tenant must provide their name, email address, and input a password. The password must be at least eight characters in length.  

    New users will be prompted to accept Lane's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  4. Register
    After clicking "register", your tenant will be pushed to the homepage, where they can start interacting with their building's content.