Launching Your Workplace Platform

Best practices and tips for introducing your tenants to their new workplace platform

Your workplace experience platform is ready for the masses! It's time to launch the platform at your building and get your tenants on board. 

If you're looking for launch event ideas and best practices, take a look at this article on the best practice for hosting events with Lane! 

Sign Up Flow

Your tenants will have to go through a sign up process in order to register for the platform. Generally, it will proceed as follows:

  1. Tenant downloads your mobile app from their respective app store OR goes to the platform's webpage. 
  2. Tenant registers as a new user. They have to provide their name, email address, password, and select a building. They will also be prompted to select a company, though this step is not required. 
  3. After accepting the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy, your tenant will be pushed to the homepage, where they can start interacting with their building's content.

Tech Tips

Not all of your tenants will be comfortable downloading and installing mobile applications, never mind using one. So, keep these tips in mind:

  • The mobile app can be found on Apple's App Store (for iPhone users), and the Google Play Store (for Android users). The platform can also be accessed on the web. Ask your Customer Success Manager for the correct app name and URL. 
  • Try to host your event in an area with strong cell reception, or an accessible WiFi connection. Otherwise, your tenants will face difficulty when trying to download the app. 
  • New users should enable Location Services on their phone. The app will automatically prompt them to do so. Location Services allow the app to find the user's nearby buildings so that the sign up process is smooth. If a user disables Location Services, they can still find nearby buildings by entering their city. 

Talking Points

Launch events will give you an opportunity to promote the platform and explain its benefits. So, here are some talking points:

  • Accessing your workplace: Your app and website allow your tenants to access their workplace, digitally. They can get important information from their property managers, learn more about their workplace, and see what amenities & services are available to them. 

  • Meeting the retailers: If your retailers are active on the platform, your tenants can find nearby shops, make purchases from restaurants, and service providers. Additionally, they can take advantage of exciting promotions, perks, and deals from those retailers. 
  • Engaging with your building: Talk about what you have posted! If you are running a contest on the platform to celebrate its launch, be sure to tell your tenants about it in person. If you are looking for feedback on a recent event, be sure to mention it! 

Troubleshooting Issues

  • White Screen
    A white screen usually indicates that the user has not selected a building during the sign up process. Fix the issue by going to the Profile page and opening the Subscription menu. From here, they can add new building subscriptions. Once a building has been selected, a hard restart of the app should resolve the issue. 
  • Pages not loading 

If a user sees a never-ending loading wheel when opening a page or post on the platform, please reach out to the team at and we'll help resolve your issue.