How to Target & Schedule posts

An overview of the targeting and scheduling capabilities in Lane's content builder


Before a post is published, it can be targeted to certain users on the mobile and web apps. A post will be published to any channel or team listed under Placements on the Targeting page. Users belonging to the channel(s) or team(s) selected will see the post.


By default, a post will be targeted to the building channel in which it was created. To target the post to specific teams within that channel, uncheck the checkbox under the channel name.

The post can then be targeted to other channels by selecting one from the “Send to these channels” list, or searching for one using the Search Channels button at the bottom of the page.

Instead of posting to everyone in a channel, posts can be targeted at specific teams within the building as well.

Selection for Channels and Teams can be found in the dropdown menus below.


After targeting the post, select the dates and times for the post to be shown to tenants.

Goes Live
The date and time in which this post will go live on the platform and be viewable by users on the mobile and web apps.


Start Date & Time
The date and time at which the post begins to show up in the feed.

End Date
 & Time
The date and time in which the post is automatically removed from the feed. 

*Be sure to save your work so it can be found in 'Drafts' later.