How to: configure HID Mobile Access

What is HID?

HID is a provider of security systems and door locks.

What is Mobile Access with HID?

Mobile Access allows members to open compatible HID door locks and access with the Lane app running in the foreground or background. 

  • The HID hardware (Mobile enabled readers) needs to be compatible with their Origo Mobile Access solution. Not all readers are Mobile Access compatible.

  • Most mobile phones (Apple and Android) running the Lane app should be compatible.

Origo Credential Manager

The credential management portal for Mobile Access is called Origo. The Mobile Identities section allows an admin to add and manage test user credentials.

  • Origo Login Portal: HID Origo Management Portal

  • Username and password is provided by HID.

  • Create a new user and send an invitation through Origo.

Custom invitation links

When a new user is added to HID’s Origo Management Portal, an email invitation is sent containing the 16-digit code. The default invitation email directs users to

White labelled customers should change the link in the invitation to their domain instead so that when their members click on the invite link, they are sent to the appropriate login portal.


These steps are for a user with Admin access to the customer's HID portal:

  1. Log in HID Origo Management Portal

  2. Go to Mobile Identities → Settings

  3. Invitation Email & Notification Settings → Configure Invitation Link

  4. Change to https://{baseDomain}/l/mobile-access/hid/

Email Template

Administrators can also edit the invitation email that is sent to new users.

  1. Go to settings > Email invitation in the Origio portal.

Signup Flow

When a member accepts the invitation, they are directed to the Lane app to sign in and set up their Mobile Access credentials.

  • Unlock Automatically: When Location Sharing is set to “Always allow,” the member can unlock doors automatically by approaching the entry door with the Lane app running in the background.

  • Unlock with the app: When Location Sharing is set to “While using,” the member can unlock doors by launching the app. This option does not track location all the time and is easier on battery use.

Multiple Credentials

The Mobile Wallet can contain multiple credentials from multiple Mobile Access Partners.

This is useful if a member’s building uses HID in the lobby, and other providers to enter the office, or needs access to multiple properties or offices.

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