How To: Add Deep Links to Posts or Pages

What are Deep Links?

Deep Links are a special type of link that opens the link in another app on the member’s mobile device.

If the app is not installed on the member's device, the member is then directed to the Apple or Google app store to download it.

Step 1

Switch to the Admin View.




Step 2

Select +New Content to create a new Post or Page. Skip the template step.




Step 3

Fill out the Info Card. This is what members will click on so include a title, description, and a fitting image or icon.


Step 4

In the Editor Step, select the Deep Link checkbox.



Step 5

Enter the Deep Link for the app in question. Depending on the app, it may begin with the app name, (ex: slack:) then a path to the specific internal page you want to direct members to.

    • For example: slack://…,…, maps://…

In case the member does not have the app installed, enter the links to the relevant app stores.




Step 6

Enter the app store links to direct the member in case they don’t have the app installed. (Note: Make sure to use the app store that is in the same country as your members)

Step 7

Select Save, Next, Target, and then Publish.

The Deep Link is now created. You can now insert the link in an appropriate tab page.


What is the difference between External Links and Deep Links

External links look for the default browser app set on the user’s mobile device.
Deep Links allow the content creator to specify which app to open, and which page within the app.


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