🎉 Release Notes: August 2022

Release Notes for August 2022


Requirements Feature updates

  • The Requirements feature is now available to use on non-interactive content. This means the member will need complete the requirements before being able to view the content.


  • The Requirements feature (for both interactive and non-interactive content) now includes Must have Verified Email as an option:


    This requirement is helpful with 3rd party integrations that require the member have a verified email address in order to identify and allow the member to access the other platform.

    Non-verified emails are not sent out of the platform as a security feature, which can lead to "user not found" issues on the partner site.

Learn more: How to use: Requirements Feature


Bug fixes

  • Resolved an issue where admins were able to view channels they didn’t have permissions on while targeting content (link)
  • Platform copy changes throughout the product for better clarity and understanding
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