How To: Use the Statuses Feature

What is the Statuses Feature?

The Statuses Feature is extremely powerful when combined with Workflows. Various Teams can be notified as the status of a submitted form changes. 

Example 1: When submitting a form for a building maintenance request, Members can receive a notification as the status is created, approved, cancelled, modified, rejected, or completed.

Example 2: When organizing an event, admins can approve or deny registrations in advance, and use Statuses to track how many attended and how many cancelled.


Enable the Statuses feature in the Features tab for interactive content.

The first status is always Created. Select which statuses a member’s interactive submission can move to from Created. For example: it may be Cancelled, it may be Approved or Rejected, or it may move to Arrived or just Closed, depending on the scenario.

Click on the blue plus sign and configure for the next status. In the example below, when the status is Approved, it can move to Arrived or Cancelled.

Repeat until the status moves to a Closed, Complete, Cancelled, or other type of end state. This clears past registrations from the member’s list of interactions.

Status_Created.png status_approved.png status_arrived.png

Security Permissions

Security permissions control who can change the status. If you have an approval process, then only authorized users should be able to change a new request from Created to Approved or Declined.

The options include:

  • All - Anyone. Use this option for End User Check-in/out.

  • GroupRole - A specific Group (Team).

  • Owner - the admin user who created this content item.

  • Creator - the admin user who created this content item or the last person who updated it.

  • Source - anyone in the channel where the content item was created who has more than a Workplace Member role.

  • Channel - anyone in this specific channel with more than a Workplace Member role.


Managing Statuses

Admins can manage the status of an interaction in various ways:

  • The Table tab of the content item is the main location where all interactions can be found.

Here you can change the status of a single interaction:


Or use the checkboxes to change the status of multiple interactions:


Open to Closed Status

In general there are two types of statuses: open and closed.

Open Statuses:

  • Created
  • Accepted
  • Approved
  • Arrived
  • Confirmed

Closed Statuses:

  • Cancelled
  • Declined
  • Failed
  • Complete
  • Closed
  • Rejected
  • Deleted

When a member submits an interaction, it is always in an Open type status. It is good practice to move the status to a Closed type status in order to remove old interaction receipts from the member's view.

QR Code Scanning

Admins can change the status of a member’s interaction by scanning their QR Code through the Mobile Admin View.

End User Check-in/out

Members can change the status of their interactions using the Check-in/out feature.


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