How to : Number of Entries Feature

What is Number of Entries?

The Number of Entries feature controls how many times a Team Member can submit an entry on this interactive content.

What Scenarios would Number of entries be useful?

  • To control number of entries in a contest.

Example: When signing up for a contest, a Team Member may only submit one entry at a time. This setting may reset every day or once a week depending on the related Time Reset setting.


How do I configure Number of entries ?

When creating a Page or Post,

  • Go to the Editor step and enable the Interactive checkbox.


  • Go to the Features tab.

  • Enable Number of entries.



What are the options available?

  • Allow Anonymous Entries : Allows user to enter without revealing their identity.

  • Unlimited Entries : Allows user to have unlimited interactions with the content.

What interactive features work with Number of Entries?

  • Time reset: Controls how often the settings reset. If set to 1 day, then a member may register X guests Y times in a day.

  • Cancelling: Allows the member to cancel their entry.

  • QR Code Scanning: When used with Statuses, Workflows, and Mobile Admin, a team member can scan the guest's QR Code and automatically change the status to "Arrived" or "Waiting" and alert the host through one or more Workflow methods.

  • Statuses: When used with Workflows, you can create automatic messages that are sent to relevant parties when a user submits an entry. You can alert the relevant teams.

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