How to : Cancelling Feature

What is Cancelling ?

The Cancelling feature allows users to cancel a previously submitted interaction. 

What Scenarios would Cancelling be useful?

Cancelling can be used to:

  • Allow a user to cancel their registration for a previously registered event at anytime or within the cancellation period based on the settings.

  • Allow users in different teams different options for cancelling (Members must cancel at least one day before, but Admins can cancel at anytime).

How do I configure Cancelling?

  • Go to the Editor step and enable the Interactive checkbox.

  • Go to the Features tab.

  • Click on the checkbox for Cancelling:



What are the options available?

Rules: To allow Workplace Admins to add rules about canceling.

For all teams: To allow all teams or a specific team to cancel an interaction.

Can cancel at anytime: To allow end users to cancel an interaction anytime.

Units of time for cancellation: To set up time unit for cancellation period within which the end user can cancel an interaction.

Units of time before start: To set up units of time up until the start time that cancellation is allowed. For example 1 hour or day before the event start time you can cancel.

Compatible with: Most interactive content such as inviting guests, registering for events or making payments.



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