How To: Add Multiple Credentials To Your Mobile Wallet

What is a Mobile Wallet?

The Lane mobile app can store multiple credentials for Mobile Access that replaces the need to carry key cards or fobs for access to buildings, offices, turnstiles, and doors. 


Set up your credentials for Mobile Access and approach a compatible door with your mobile phone in hand to unlock and enter. 

Adding credentials

To add new credentials to your Mobile Wallet, click on the emailed invitation link in your mobile phone. The link will automatically open the Lane app and add the new credentials to the Wallet.

HID_Cred_1.png HID_Cred_2.png HID_Cred_3.png

Managing Credentials

To manage your Mobile Access credentials:

  1. Go to the Profile tab of the Lane app,
  2. Click on Workplace access settings,
  3. Click on Manage Mobile IDs

Here you can add or delete your credentials from all supported Mobile Access partners.

HID_Cred_4a.png HID_Cred_4.png HID_Cred_5.png

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