Integration: CityMotion

What is CityMotion?

CityMotion is a tool built by the company TransitScreen that provides helpful transportation data based on the user's location.

What is the Lane CityMotion integration?

The integration embeds access to the CityMotion page through the Lane mobile app.


Browse transit options near you: Members can browse transit options near their current location including public transit, bike shares, and ride-sharing.

Click through to partner apps: Where applicable, a user can click directly to partner apps such as Uber.


Is CityMotion available on Web as well as Mobile?

  • No, CityMotion is only available on the mobile app, for iOS or Android.

Do I need a CityMotion account?

  • No additional account is needed to use CityMotion. When logged into Lane, users can access the full functionality of CityMotion. Accounts are obviously needed for partner accounts such as Uber.

What data is shared between Lane and CityMotion?

  • User location is shared from the Lane mobile app with CityMotion and is needed to find the list of available options for the user’s location.

How do I use CityMotion?

  • Navigate to the CityMotion page on Lane and click on the link. CityMotion will appear and show you the list of available transit options based on your location.

How do I implement CityMotion in my channel?




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