🎉 Release Notes: June 2022

June 2022 Release Notes:

Updated text in the Reservable Feature

Verified Email Badge in Team Management

Request Account Deletion

HUB Parking now available through JPass integration

Bug Fixes



Updated text in the Reservable Feature

The Reservable Feature has been updated with new headings and explanations for each of the settings. This change will make it clearer how to configure the feature exactly how you want it.


Learn more: How to use: Reservable


Verified Email Badge in Team Management

We only send notification messages to members who have verified their contact information, and now it's easier to see which members have done so. The Team Management tool has been updated to show a blue icon next to members who have verified their emails:


In addition, users will now be automatically verified when they accept an email invitation to join a channel.

Learn more: Team Management


Request Account Deletion

Members who have moved away from their workplace and no longer use the app can now request account deletion by going to the Profile tab and clicking on Delete Account.


The following warning message will appear and if members confirm by clicking on Delete, a request will be sent to Support to delete their account within 30 days. 


Learn more: How To: Join Lane


Integrations to bring your tools together

HUB Parking now offers mobile parking solutions through the JPass integration. This allows members to find and reserve parking spots, pay before exiting, or manage a parking pass.


The integration with Lane allows members to access and manage their JPass account through single sign on.

Learn more: Integration: JPass


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where users were not able to see which credit card was in use while going through a purchasing flow
  • Resolved an issue where viewing a cart would crash the app
  • Resolved an issue where choosing a template would surface an error message
  • Resolved an issue where the mobile admin action bar wasn’t surfacing


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