How To: Use The Social Options Feature

What is Social Options?

The Social Options feature adds a Share icon to a content item when viewed on the mobile app.


Note: This feature is available in both interactive and non-interactive Posts and Pages. 

When would Social Options be useful?

Social Options can be used with any piece of content to allow members to share a link to an event on social media or messaging apps installed on their mobile device.

Public vs Private

  • If the channel is Public, the link will take any user directly to the content item in the mobile app.

  • If the channel is Private, the user will be asked to login and if they are a member of the channel and part of the target audience, the link will open.

How do I configure Social Options?

When creating a Page or Post,

  1. Go to the Editor step,

  2. Go to the Features tab,

  3. Click on the checkbox for Social Options and toggle the Show Share Button.

  4. This will display the Share icon for the content item when viewed on mobile, which launches the Actions screen on an iPhone and Android:
    Screenshot_2022-06-16_at_10.51.21_AM.png Android_screenshot.jpg
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