Integrations: YouRHere

What is YouRHere?

YouRHere is the maker of digital displays that are available in lobbies and elevators.

How does Lane integrate with YouRHere?

Content created in Lane can be sent to YouRHere for display in their digital displays. When the integration is made available in your channel, a checkbox appears that sends the information to YouRHere for distribution in the markets you have selected with YouRHere.


How do I select where to distribute my material?

Customers should have an agreement in place with YouRHere that determines which buildings and digital billboards will show their material. The Lane platform is used to create the information used in the advertisement. An optional QR code works as a link that takes the user to the content in Lane. 

How do I create content for YouRHere?

First work with Customer Success or Support to ensure the YouRHere integration is enabled in your channel.

As a Workplace Admin:

  1. Go to the Content Center
  2. Create a new Post
  3. In the Info step, enter the TitleDescription, and upload the image you want displayed. We recommend categorizing the Post as Advertising which will help identify it when viewing analytics.
  4. In the Editor step, enter the information you want users to see when they follow the QR Code. This could be details about a promotion, contest, survey, or simply informational. 
  5. In the Targeting step, select the dates when this advertisement will be visible. YouRHere will use these dates as the start and end of the advertising cycle.
  6. Click on the Display on YouRHere screens checkbox. This will send the details of the Post to YouRHere for syndication.
  7. Note the Title, Description and Background Image from the Info step is displayed on the screens. Users who follow the optional QR Code will access the contents of the Post, as defined in the Editor.

What are the recommended specifications?

The following are recommended specifications for YouRHere's digital displays:




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