Insights & Reports: Post Analytics Dashboard

Post Analytics

The Post Analytics dashboard shows details about the popularity of a particular content item:

  • How many people have viewed this content item?
  • When did they view and interact with it?
  • Which companies do the members who viewed and interacted with it belong to?
  • How many notifications were sent to members and how many were opened?
  • How many times did members click on links within the content item?

Engagement Metrics

The Engagement Over Time visual shows how many impressions, views, and interactions have been made on the selected content item over the time period.


Most engaged companies

This visualization lists the companies from which members are most engaged with the content item. 


Notification Analytics

When notifications are set, this dashboard shows how many emails were sent and opened, and how many in-app and text notifications were sent regarding the selected content item.

Remember: Members can choose their notification preferences by channel in their profile settings.


Notification Sends by Date

This visualization shows the number of notifications sent from the selected content item and when. If multiple notifications were set for different days, it would appear here as additional blue bars.


Links visited

If the selected content item contains links, this dashboard shows how many members clicked on the link(s).


Engagement by Time of Day

This visualization shows the number of views on the selected content item based on hours of the day (over multiple days).

  • The green bar shows the hour of the day the content item was published, in this example at 12 noon.
  • The blue area shows the number of views based on hours of the day. In this example, views began at 9am and peaked at 1pm over multiple days. 


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