How To: Accept Payments

What is the Payment feature?

The Payment interactive feature allows a member to pay for meeting room or amenity reservations, purchase tickets, or order items.

Note: Payments are sent and received through the Stripe payment platform. Channels must have an active Stripe account set up first in order to use this feature. 


When the Payment feature is enabled, the Submit button changes to a Purchase button.


Merchant Accounts

To add Payments to an interactive content item, you need to first set up a Merchant Account to receive payments. We use the Stripe payment platform to manage all transactions safely and securely. 


You may need to contact the Help Desk for access to the Merchant Accounts area in the Admin View.


Payment Interactive Feature

Once a Merchant Account has been set up, you can enable the Payment feature when creating interactive Pages or Posts:



Payment Configuration

The Payment feature contains several configurable options that controls currency, the amount, sales tax, as well as discounts (or surcharges) for specified teams in the channel. 


Once the Payment feature is configured and saved, the Submit button changes to a Purchase button.


Member Wallet

When members view the content item, they will see the option to Purchase the item using the payment details stored in their Wallet.


More information: How To: Make Payments


Payment Accounts

The Payment Accounts tool stores corporate credit card details that members in authorized teams can use to make payments instead or in addition to their personal cards. 


The Payment Accounts area is found in the Admin View and controlled by team permissions.


Payment Rules

Payment Rules can be added to place limits on which team(s) can use the account, daily and monthly spending limits and time restrictions, and content categories where it can be used (for example, only for Amenities).



If you need any assistance setting up the Payment feature in your channel, contact the Help Desk at

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