Insights & Reports: Portfolio Analytics Dashboard

Portfolio Analytics Dashboard

The Portfolio Analytics dashboard is designed to compare the activity between two or more properties in a portfolio based on the following factors:

  • Number of users adopting and using Lane on a daily and monthly basis
  • The top Channels based on activity, content creation, and engagement.
  • The top Content items that generate the most engagement from members.
  • The top Companies that have the most engaged members. 

Running the Report

To begin, select the Parent Channel and click on the blue update button in the top right.Portfolio_Analytics_1.png

You can leave the Channel Name field empty to include all child properties, or explicitly select two or more properties to compare.

Portfolio Report


  • Monthly Active Users shows the total number of users who have used the app in the last 28 days.
  • Adoption Rate shows the number of users who have signed up and joined Lane, divided by the Maximum Headcount. Headcount is set in the Info tab of the Channel Settings area:
  • Subscribed users is the number of users who have created an account and logged in over the last 24 months.
  • Total Users is the total number of users who have ever created an account. The difference between Subscribed users and Total users is the number of users who have not logged in over 2 years. 
  • Activity by Region is an interactive visual that shows the percentage of where the activity is occurring. Moving the mouse over the chart updates the visual. 


Activity Maps

Activity by Property shows a color-coded map of the different properties. The hotter colors (orange, red) show properties with higher activity levels than the green colors:


This map can be global or continental, depending on the location of the properties:


Top Channels

The Top Channels by Activity and Top Companies by Activity show which channels have the most engaged users, and which company they are coming from, on an average daily and monthly basis:


  • Top Channels by Content Creation shows the number of content items created in each channel.
  • Top Channels by Engagement breaks down the activity in each channel based on impressions (scrolls past), views (clicks to read), and interactions (submits an interaction).

This lets you compare content creation to content engagement. If a property channel has a high number of content being created but comparatively lower engagement levels, then the content is not resonating with members. 


Content Engagement

Top Content by Engagement breaks down the activity shown in the previous visualization and lists the names of the content items by channel, and the number of impressions, views, and interactions.


Top Companies by Engagement shows where members are coming from. Making sure members have their company selected in their Profile makes this visualization much more useful, since it tells you which tenants are most engaged.


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