Insights & Reports: Content Analytics Dashboard

Content Analytics

The Content Analytics Dashboard explores how well content in a channel is reaching members:

  • How much content has been created by the admins of this property?
  • How many impressions/views/interactions are occurring on this channel?
  • What percentage of my content is dedicated to Pages/Posts/Notices/Perks?
  • What percentage of my engagement is driven by Pages/Posts/Notices/Perks?
  • What is my top content by views?
  • What is my top content by interactions?
  • Which content categories generate the most traffic?
  • What are my most popular days of the week for engagement?

To view the report, choose from the list of Channels where you are a Workplace Admin. You can refine further by company and date range, whether the content is active (live) or not, and by type of content. Click on the blue Update button to run the report.


This dashboard shows the total number of content pieces in the channel, the number of times people who have scrolled past it, viewed it, and interacted with it.


The percentages below the tiles indicate the percent of available content that is being scrolled past, viewed, or interacted. Some types of content will always be more popular than other types, such as a promotional event vs a policy page.  

Content Creation Breakdown

Displays the amount of content that exists in the channel by type. Clicking on a type (say Post) updates the rest of the dashboards according to the type of content selected (will only show details of Posts). This filter can be removed by deselecting it at the top of the page.


Content Engagement Breakdown

Displays the type of interactive content that members engage with the most. This view can be filtered as well, which updates the rest of the dashboards to only show details for the type of content selected.


💡  Notices cannot be made interactive so we always expect this value to be 0%.

Top Content by Views

The titles of the top viewed pieces of content. This shows exactly which content is most popular in the channel.


Top Content by Interactions

The titles of the top interactive pieces of content. This shows what content members are booking or reserving the most, out of all interactive content. The Conversion Rate is the number of people who view the content and submit their details as an interaction.


Content Categories

When creating content, the Info Step has a field named Content Category with a list of predefined categories. The following two visualizations show information related to this field.

The pie chart shows how content is categorized in the channel. When members interact with content, the second chart shows which category is the most popular. In this example, Events are the most popular interactive category.


Content Tags

When creating content, there is also the option to add Tags to further describe the content. Tags can be used to further refine a content category, or to add a description when a suitable category is not available.

The pie chart shows the percentage of content based on how they are tagged. When members submit information through interactive content, the second chart shows the top content tags. In this example, Parking is the most popular tag for interactions.


Daily Member Views Total

The number of daily views by members over the selected time period.

In this example, the dips indicate weekends where there is less activity.

  • The light purple is the number of views in a day,
  • The dark purple is the number of interactions that day. 


Member Views by Weekday

The total number of member views on content by day of the week. In this example, Thursdays are the most popular day while weekends have the least views.



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