Insights & Reports: User Activity

User Activity Dashboard

The User Activity dashboard shows information about the users in a channel. It tells you:

  • How many monthly active members do I have in this property or group of properties?
    • How has this changed over time?
  • Which days saw the most new member sign ups?
  • What are the most popular days of the week?
  • Which tenants are driving property activity?

Activity Summary

The number of Active Members over the last 28 days and the last 7 days. This shows how many Workplace Members (end users) are logging in on a monthly and weekly basis.



Channel Capacity

The number of Active Members compared to the number of Subscribed Members. A higher number means a high level of engagement by Workplace Members. A lower number means people who subscribed initially have not logged in for at least a month. This may be expected since many people have been working from home during the pandemic.


Active Members

The number of Active Members over time. The dips in the daily count indicate weekends, which are smoothed out when viewed over weekly and monthly periods.


New Members

The number of new members over time. A new property or channel may have an initial bump due to launch activities, followed by dips and peaks depending on the weekday or holidays.


Total Members

The total number of members over time. This graph should trend upwards indicating a growing channel.


Activity by Day of Week

The average daily Active Members count by day of the week. Weekends have a lower count as is to be expected.


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