Insights & Reports: Reservations Dashboard

Reservations Dashboard

The Reservations dashboard shows details about the utilization of amenities. 


If you have more than one channel, the Top Channels by Bookings compares the total number of reservations by channel.


Top Bookings

Top Companies by Bookings shows where members are coming from when they book reservations. Larger tenants with lots of members will likely be booking more reservations, but if a smaller company consistently has a relatively high number of bookings, it could be an indication they need more space than they currently have. 


Bookings by Team shows what teams members are coming from. If you have members in sorted into  teams on floor, location, or interests, this visualization can tell you which group is most interested in booking amenities.


  • Top Reservables by Bookings names the amenities which are booked the most often.
  • Top Reservables by Booking Length names the amenities that are booked the longest. 

In combination, these visualizations reveals which amenities are the most popular and could possibly benefit from expansion.


Booking Calendar

The Booking Calendar shows a heat map view of when amenities are most in demand. Changing the date range at the top of the dashboard to a later date will show future bookings, and highlight recurring bookings as they appear in the calendar. 


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