🎉 Release Notes: December 2021

Welcome to our new format for Release Notes, which are now monthly rather than weekly. We hope this consolidated view will prove easier to track changes to the platform than the weekly format. 

New Features

Payments are simple and seamless

New features and enhancements are now available to make payments easier than ever before. 

Receipts, redesigned

We’ve refreshed the receipts design and included CRA/IRA info so purchases can be expensed.

Simple, mobile credit card entry

Adding a postal/zip code is no longer required for countries outside the US, Canada, and Great Britain when inputting a credit card on mobile.

Connect a Stripe account for secure, seamless payments

By connecting a Stripe account within Lane, retail partners can securely accept payments from customers through the Lane platform. Retail partners can access Stripe's insights and analytics, provide refunds, view transactions, and more using Stripe Connect.


New integrations to bring your tools together

Building Engines

Users can submit Building Engines Classic & Prism maintenance/work orders seamlessly within the Lane app

  • Available to: all Lane customers

Learn more: Integration: Building Engines


Ritual for Buildings

Equip your tenants with the best-in-class food and beverage ordering service to make meal breaks a breeze. Lane now integrates with Ritual, allowing users and visitors to order food and get exclusive discounts from local restaurants and cafes within the Lane app. 

Buildings also get insights into user and visitor ordering behavior, including top restaurants/items, number of orders and average value, and more. 


Available to:

Ritual is currently available in North America, Australia, and the United Kingdom (London only). Additional fees apply to utilize the Ritual integration.


Learn more: Integration: Ritual for Buildings



Microsoft Outlook Calendar Sync

Meeting room calendars sync across Outlook and Lane so users can use both tools and confidently book their next room. 

  • Available to: all Lane customers

Learn more: Outlook Calendar Sync


Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue causing the location selection filter to not work for studio global access. 
  • We fixed an issue causing an error when booking a room. 
  • We fixed an issue causing an error on the studio global access page.
  • We fixed an issue causing section type, search, filters, and sorting changes to be removed after custom filters are added – they will now persist even when custom filters are added.
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