Integration: Outlook Calendar Sync

What is Outlook Calendar Sync?

The Outlook Calendar Sync interactive feature is a two-way integration with Microsoft Azure.

  • When a meeting room or resource is booked in Lane, an event is created in the corresponding calendar in Outlook. 
  • When a meeting room or resource is booked in Outlook, the time is blocked off as unavailable in the corresponding reservable amenity in Lane.

How does it work?

Lane integrates with Microsoft Azure, the cloud-based platform underlying Microsoft's suite of products including Outlook. It uses API's to exchange information between the two platforms when an event happens on either platform.

What information is shared?

When a new event is created, the following information is sent from the originating platform to the other:

  • Title of the event
  • Start Time
  • End Time
  • Email address of the member initiating the request

How do I configure the integration?

  • The integration first needs to be turned on in your channel by Lane.
  • You will also need to obtain the Resource ID of the Outlook Calendar to synch with.
  • This feature works in conjunction with the Reservable and Invite Guests feature.

Once the integration is enabled on in your channel, 

  1. Create or edit a Post or Page,
  2. In the Editor step, click on the Interactive checkbox make the content item interactive,
  3. Go to the Features tab,
  4. Click on the checkbox next to Outlook Calendar Synch,
  5. Enter the Resource ID of the Outlook Calendar to synch with.Outlook_calendar_synch.png
  6. Complete the content creation process using the Reservable feature to configure time slots and availability.
  7. Save and Publish.

Once configured, the following behavior will occur:

  1. Create a reservation in Lane: a new event should appear in the Outlook calendar matching the event details.
  2. Update or cancel the event from Lane: updates should be visible in Outlook calendar or the event disappears if cancelled.
  3. Create/update event in the Outlook calendar: the time slot in Lane should show as occupied/not reservable.
  4. Cancel or update a Lane created event in Outlook: Updates the corresponding event in Lane.
  5. Cancel an event in Outlook: the occupied date/time slot should go away on the reservable component.


For help configuring Outlook Calendar Synch contact the Help Desk at and we will be happy to help.

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