How to use: Invite Guests Feature

What is the Invite Guests feature?

Invite Guests is an interactive feature that allows you to enter the names and email addresses of expected visitors and send information to them in advance of their visit.


What scenarios would Invite Guests be useful?

You can use the Invite Guests feature:

  • To allow members to add guests in their RSVP to an event,
  • To allow members to register guests who are expected to visit your building or company,
  • To allow members to add other members as their guests to their event RSVP. 


How do I configure Invite Guests?

When creating a Page or Post,

  1. Go to the Editor step and enable the Interactive checkbox.
  2. Go to the Features tab.
  3. Click on the checkbox for Invite Guests


What are the options available?

  • Show Lane Users as an option: This adds the Workplace tab where you can search for fellow Lane members to invite.
  • Minimum number of guests required: When set to 0, members are not required to add any guests.
  • Maximum number of guests required: The maximum number of guests a member may invite.

What other interactive features work with Invite Guests?

  • Cancelling: Allows the member to cancel the registration from their transactions list.
  • Number of entries: Controls how many times a member can submit a guest registration during a time period.
  • Time reset: Controls how often the settings reset. If set to 1 day, then a member may register X guests Y times in a day.
  • Time availability: Controls what part of the day the feature can be used, say 9am - 5pm when the reception desk is staffed.
  • Reservable: Adds a date and time calendar where the member can indicate when the guests are expected to arrive
  • Statuses: When used with Workflows, you can create automatic messages that are sent to relevant parties when a guest registration is created, approved, rejected, or cancelled. You can alert building security or reception about an impending visit, or send a text alert to the host when their guest arrives.
  • QR Code Scanning: When used with Statuses, Workflows, and Mobile Admin, a team member can scan the guest's QR Code and automatically change the status to "Arrived" or "Waiting" and alert the host through one or more Workflow methods.

What communication does the invited guest(s) receive?

When a guest is invited through Invite Guests, they receive an email with a unique QR Code and the details of the expected visit.


Can the messages be customized?

Yes, the guest invitation can be customized using Workflows to include information such as where to park, where to check in, any health and safety procedures, and more.

Create one or more Workflows that sends an Email to guests invited by the end user for situations that can include:

  • When the invitation is first created,
  • When the invitation details are updated,
  • Before the guest arrives,
  • After the guest leaves.

The Email subject line, intro, outro and body of the emails can be customized to suit the needs of each scenario.


Note: Email is the primary method of communication with guests, since they are most likely not members of Lane.

Is Invite Guests the same as Invite Users?

No, Invite Guests is meant to communicate the details of a one-time or infrequent visit with the host for individuals who are not regular members of Lane.

Invite Users is an Admin function found in Team Management that is meant to invite new members to a Lane channel.

In some cases, invited guests may be members of Lane already.

  • If Show Lane users as an option is enabled, the host can search for their guests in shared channels of the Lane app.
  • If the email address for the guest's Lane account matches the one entered in Invite Guests, the guest can simply login to the Lane app to view the details, or rely on the invitation email.

If you have any questions about using the Invite Guests feature, contact the Help Desk at and we will be happy to assist.


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