Integration Overview: Angus Systems

What is Angus Systems?

Angus Systems provides a building management platform that has a variety of functionality. 

Tenants or building staff can file maintenance requests, and the property management team can view those requests in the Angus portal. They can then service and update those requests. Users can view the status of their submitted requests.

Angus WebView Integration

The Angus authenticated WebView integration allows for access to additional Angus modules:


The WebView integration compares the user's Primary Email in Lane with the list of authorized users in Angus and allows them access to the Angus portal through the Lane app.

Creating an Angus WebView Integration

Contact your Lane Client Services team for assistance with creating the Angus integration pages.

Access to Angus Modules

Once the integration is configured and created, up to three new Info Cards appear in the Page Center for placement in an appropriate tab page.


If a member clicks on these links, their primary email address in Lane is compared with the accounts in Angus, and the member is allowed in if there is a match.



Connecting to the Angus platform requires matching the verified email address of the user in Lane with an account on Angus.

Error Messages

  • You do not have authorization to access this page: If this error message appears, either the user does not have an Angus account, or the Angus account can not be found because the user's primary email in Lane does not match the email associated to their Angus account.
    • On desktop, click on the Profile icon to change or manage the primary email address.
    • Click on Manage Logins.
    • If the email address does not match the one in Angus, click on Add new Login and enter the email address that matches Angus. 
    • Go to the email inbox and click on the verification link.
    • Return to the Profile tab in Lane and indicate the new, verified, email address as the primary by clicking on the radio button next to it:
    • If you have multiple email addresses in your profile, ensure the primary email is the one that matches the one used with Angus Systems. The primary email address is shown in green, with the radio button filled in.

  • Invalid or Unsupported SAML Request: If this error message appears, the user's primary email is not verified within the Lane app. Once the user's primary email is verified, it will send the primary email address to compare against the email address in Angus.
    • To check whether your email address is verified, go to the Profile tab.
    • Click on Manage Logins.
    • If the email address matches the one used in Angus but says unverified, click on unverified to send a verification email to the address listed.
    • Go to the email inbox and click on the verification link.
    • Return to your Profile and make sure the verified email is also the primary. If not, click on the radio button next to the desired email address.
    • Return to the Angus link and click on the info card.


If you have any questions about the Angus Systems integration or would like to have it added to your channel, please contact the Help Desk at and we will be happy to assist.

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