How To: Create a Tenant Directory

What is a Tenant Directory?

A tenant directory is a list of the companies and retail businesses in and around a property.

Why create a Tenant Directory?

Having a Tenant Directory makes it easy for members in your workplace to find the companies, businesses and services they need that are close to their workplace. 


Retailers may have their own channel in Lane, or just a profile page with pertinent information such as contact info and business hours.

How do I create a Tenant Directory?

  1. View the article How To: Manage Tenants for information on how to add Tenants to your Property Channel.
  2. On an appropriate tab page (i.e. Community or Retail) add the Directory List content block and configure it to show:
    1. Retailers: tenant channels that are categorized as Retail, Restaurant, Services, Organizations, Charities, etc,
    2. Companies: tenant channels that are categorized as Company who have office space in the building,
    3. Users: a list of members in the specified channel. This may be a list of all the members of a channel, or a list of the property management team based on their role and contact information.


If you have any questions or need assistance creating and adding tenants, contact the Help Center at and we will be happy to help. 

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