How to use: QR Code Scanning

What is QR Code Scanning?

QR Code Scanning is an interactive feature that allows a Workplace Admin to scan and change the status of an interactive content item through the Mobile Admin View.


How to scan a QR Code through Mobile Admin

  1. Go to the Mobile Admin view of a channel where you are an Admin,
  2. Go to the Edit tab and select the interactive content to scan.
  3. Click on the image of a QR code in the top right corner and start the scanner.
  4. Scan the QR Code of a member's interaction receipt.

When to use it?

QR Code Scanning is a useful tool for tracking attendance or workflow progress. 

  • When a member arrives at an event which they have registered previously, a Workplace Admin can scan their mobile QR Code to automatically set the status of the reservation from Created/Accepted/Approved to Arrived/Closed/Complete based on the Status flow. 

Alternative: Self Check-in/out

  • When a member arrives at a reserved meeting room or desk, the member can use check in button to change the status of their reservation to Arrived/In Progress, and the check out button can be used to change the status to Closed/Complete. This can trigger a workflow for the desk or room to be cleaned and sanitized.

How to set it up

QR Code Scanning works hand in hand with Statuses. 

Create or Edit an interactive Post or Page and go to the Features tab. 


You can set up various Status flows depending on the scenario.

  • An Event Registration status may flow from Created > Arrived > Closed with Cancelled as option at any stage.
  • A Guest Registration status may flow from Created > Approved > Arrived > In Progress > Closed with Rejected and Cancelled as options at any stage.

Using the Event flow above as our example, enable the Statuses feature and create the following choices for the Created status:

  • Arrived
  • Cancelled


Click on the blue plus sign to add another series of choices for the Arrived status:

  • Closed


This means when a member has first indicated interest in attending the event, the status is set to Created when they submit their registration information. 

When they arrive at the event, we want to set the status to Arrived upon scanning their unique event QR Code.

The member or an admin may cancel at any time, and once the event is over we want to set all registrations to Closed.

QR Code Scanning

Next enable the QR Code Scanning feature. Under QR Code Scanning Rules we can set the automatic rules based on the current status of the member's reservation.

  • If the member's status is Created, scanning the QR Code will set the status to Arrived.
  • If the member's status is Arrived, scanned the QR Code will automatically set the status to Closed.
  • Cancelling is a non-automatic action. The member or an admin can cancel manually by going to the interaction confirmation page.


Member Check In/Out

The Check In/Out option adds a Check In and Check Out button to the member's reservation.

When they click on Check In, the status will automatically change from Created to Arrived (based on the settings you choose).


When they click on Check Out, the status will automatically change from Arrived to Closed. You can also have it automatically change to Closed after a set period of time in case they forget, in the example below we set it to 1 day:


Auto Update Status

When End User Check-In/Out is enabled, there is an option to automatically change the status based on time passing.

For example, a reservation can be set to change to Closed one day after they arrive. This moves any open reservations to an expired status as a method of clearing up old reservations.


Note: QR Code Scanning is not available with End User Check-in/out. The former involves an Admin scanning member's QR Codes in person, while the latter makes it the member's task to manage their reservation. QR Codes are disabled when End User Check-in/out is enabled.

If you have any questions about QR Code Scanning, contact the Help Desk at and we will be happy to help.

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