How To: Use The Requirements Feature

What is the Requirements feature?

The Requirements feature is a set of information fields that must be completed out by member in order to perform an action.

This ensures the information submitted has all of the necessary information. 


What scenarios can it be used for?

The Requirements feature can be used to ensure:

  • The member has completed their profile information so that it properly identifies them,
  • The member has read and signed off on a waiver, 
  • The member has verified their email address, which is required when sending email notifications from the platform or when connecting the member to many 3rd-party integrations.

How do I configure it?

💡Tip: The Requirements Feature is available in both interactive and non-interactive content.

To add the Requirements feature:

  1. Create an interactive Page or Post.
  2. In the Editor step, 
  3. Go to the Features tab.
  4. Click on the Requirements checkbox.


Standard requirements

The Requirements feature has the following standard options:


User Profile Updates

When a member updates the information asked by the Requirements feature, their User Profile information is updated automatically with the Name, Picture, and Phone Number provided. 


Custom requirements

To add a custom requirement, click on the blue plus sign and select an interactive content item which the member must fill out and submit before they can complete this interaction.


In the example above, the requirement is the member must fill out the details of the Health Screening form.

How is Requirements different from required data input fields?

When creating a form or survey, data input fields can be required. The Requirements feature is similar, however it focuses on ensuring that a member’s contact information is updated and entered correctly, and allows for linking to another form or interactive content item in the platform that needs to be completed.

If you have any questions about using the Requirements feature, contact the Help Desk at and we will be happy to help.



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