How to use: Reservable

What is Reservable?

The Reservable interactive content block adds a customizable calendar where a member can reserve the content item based on time slots.


Compatible with

The Reservable content block is often used in combination with:

  • Time availability to control the days and hours in a day the content item can be reserved.
  • Outlook Calendar Sync to synchronize with a booking calendar.


The video tutorial shows how to create and configure the Reservable feature for a meeting room or amenity:

Configuration Settings


The Setup tab controls the size of the time slots available.


  • Units of time can be set to minutes or days, depending on whether the item can be reserved for minutes or hours in a day, or for full days at a time.
  • Min Slots determines the smallest amount of time a member can book a slot.
  • Max Slots determines the largest amount of time a member can book a slot.
  • Split Reservation is used to separate the maximum number of slots into equal segments. If a member reserves an item for 5 days, split reservation creates five 1-day reservations which can be managed individually.


The Quantity tab controls how many slots a member can reserve at a time.


  • Quantity available for each time slot determines how many slots can be reserved in the same time slot. In the example above, there are 15 “seats” available in each time slot.
  • Quantity available for User for each time slot determines how many slots a single member may reserve in one time slot. Typically this is one per member.


The Advanced tab controls the date ranges for the item.


  • Date Range controls the time frame when reservations can be made. Typically this matches the start and end time of an event, or is left untoggled for an amenity that is always available.
  • Reservation Start and Reservation End control the minimum and maximum amount of time before or after the Date Range when reservations can be made.

Note: These settings may instead be controlled using the Time Availability interactive feature, which includes the ability to add blackout dates where the item cannot be reserved.

Team Rules

The Team Rules tab allows for setting different rules based on team membership.


To add a Team rule, click on the blue plus sign and select a channel and team. You can allow members of the team more time slots to book, or to book earlier or later than other members.


The Appearance tab offers two ways to view and reserve time slots.

The Date Picker view displays a date selector and a set of sliders to choose the times during the day:


The List of Time Slots view creates a list of selectable slots with time ranges which a member can choose from:


Custom Time Slots

If the time slots are not all evenly spaced, the Custom Time Slots tab allows you to create slots of varying time. In the example below we have a 15 minute slot, and a 90 minute slot in the day.


If you have any questions about how to use the Reservable interactive feature, contact the Help Desk at and we will be happy to help.

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