How to use: Time Availability

What is Time Availability?

The Time Availability interactive content block is used to specify the times when the content item is available for reservation.

  • Targeted Availability can be used to target specific teams and channels to have different availability settings.
  • Excluded Dates can be used to blackout periods when the content item is not available. 

Compatible with

  • Reservable: Time Availability defines when an item such as a meeting room, amenity, or activity can be reserved.



When Available anytime is toggled on, the content item has no restrictions on availability.


When Available anytime is toggled off, a list of the days of the week appears. You can make the item only available on certain days, such as only weekdays and not on weekends:


Clicking on the Edit button allows you to control the times during the available days the content item is available.


Clicking on Add Hours allows you to add multiple segments of the day when the content item is available, for example, excluding lunch time on Mondays:


Targeted Availability

By toggling Targeted Availability, you can create custom availability based on membership in a channel and team.

Select a team in the current channel or a team in a different channel, and then set availability that only applies to this team:


Excluded Dates

By toggling the Excluded Dates button, you can add a range of dates when the item is not available at all. The blackout period covers the entire 24 hour period from midnight to midnight.Time_Availablity_exclude_dates.png

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