How To: Display Upcoming Bookings

Members can easily view their upcoming requests, reservations, bookings, and other transactions using the User Interactions feeds.


What are User Interactions?

Anytime a member makes a reservation, submits a request, purchases an item, and otherwise engages with a piece of interactive content, a record is kept of the interaction. This transaction receipt contains a unique QR Code which leads to the details of the interaction and can function as a proof of purchase or reservation.

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What are the User Interaction Lists?

User Interaction Lists are a group of Content Blocks that can be placed on a page and configured to show a member's interaction receipts for different scenarios.

  • User Interaction List: Shows all of the member's interactions in a channel.
  • Interactions on Content List: Shows a list of all interactions on a specific Post, such as all the reservations for an event.
  • Interactions on Section List: Shows a list of all interactions on a specific Section, such as all the bookings on set of meeting rooms.

What type of interactions are shown?

Only interactions that have an Open (or undefined) status are shown in the User Interactions Lists. Interactions that are considered Closed disappear from view.

Open Closed
Accepted Cancelled
Approved Closed
Arrived Complete
Assigned Declined
Confirmed Deleted
Undefined Rejected
Statuses Types

💡 Interactions that don't have a status are considered Open.

What if I want to view closed interactions?

A list of all interactions, regardless of status, can be viewed in a member's Transaction list, or by viewing the Table tab of the interactive content item.

If you have any questions about user interactions, contact the Help Desk at and we will be happy to assist.

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