How to: Categorize Content

Categorizing content

In the Info Card for Posts and Pages, you can organize the content in your channel. There are two places in the Info Card which you can use, each has a different purpose.

What is a Category

Category is a field in the Info Card which is used by Dynamic Sections to look for content that has a certain category and automatically add it to the section. This makes it easy to group similar types of content together. 

Info Card: Category


In the example below, this Dynamic Section is configured to look for Pages (static) that are categorized as either "Amenity" or "Facilities."

Dynamic Section: Content Categories


What is a Reporting Group

Reporting group is another setting in the Info Card.

Info Card: Reporting Category


This category is used in the Insights & Reporting dashboard to show what types of content is engaging members. 

Insights & Reporting: Content Creation by Category


In most cases, the Category and Reporting Group is the same, but having two separate settings allows customers more flexibility.

What categories are available?

The available categories are the same for both groups:

Other Meet-up
Advertising Moving
Amenity Music
Announcement News
Audio Newsletter
Award None
Basic Post Notice
Bike Locker Onboarding
Building Profile Online Leasing
Catering Operations
Charity Parking
Childcare Polls
Community Rentals
Commuting Resource Booking
Conference Retail Feature
Contest Retail Promotion
Covid Screener Room Booking
Co-working RSVP
CRM Safety
Culture Security
Day Pass Service
Education Service Request
Entertainment Share Space
Events Space Booking
Facilities Sports
Fashion Support
Feedback Survey
Fitness Sustainability
Flex Desk Tenant Handbook
Food Training
Food Ordering Transportation
Form Travel
Freight Elevator Tutorial
Fundraising Vendor
Games Video
Health Visitor Management
Helpdesk Visitors
Hourly Walkthrough Wellness
Lane Perks Wellness Programming
Location Profile Wifi
Maintenance Workshop


If you have any questions about categories or reporting groups, contact the Help Desk at and we will be happy to help!

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