How To: Use Join Rules

What are Join Rules?

Join Rules allow you to automate the team enrollment process across multiple teams, or multiple channels. 

If you want to regularly add a new member to multiple teams in a channel, or add a new member to more than one channel, you can create Join Rules to save time and simplify a multi-step process. 

How can I use Join Rules?

Here are some scenarios where Join Rules can be useful:

  • When a member is added to a Company channel, they can also be added to the Building channel where the company is located. This allows the member to be aware of building-related communications that may affect their commute or experience in the office.
  • When a member is added to an interest group, say a Fitness Class team, they can also be added to related teams, such as Eating Healthy.
  • When a new admin is added to the Workplace Admin team, they can also be added to Maintenance Teams, Health, Fire & Safety, and other administrative teams.
  • When a new employee is added to one Company channel, they can also be added to teams on other company channels they have in common, such as channels of the same language, region, purpose, or interests.

Where do I configure Join Rules?

To create and manage Join Rules:

  1. Login as a Workplace Administrator and go to the Admin View.
  2. Go to Channel Settings >Profile>Settings tab.
  3. Click on the blue plus sign next to Join Rules to create a rule.
  4. Configure the rules based on your needs.


You can create multiple rules in the channel.

The channel where you create the rule is where the rule initiates, meaning when you add a user to a team in THIS channel, the user will be added to other teams or channels.

If you have any questions about how to use Join Rules, contact the Help Desk at and we will be happy to help.

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