How to: Troubleshoot Notifications


Notifications are how you know when important events are happening in your workplace. It might be about knowing when your package or guest has arrived, confirmed your reservation or purchase, or simply hearing about things happening in your workplace in a timely manner. 

Managing Notfications

You can manage your notifications by going to Profile > App notifications on mobile, or by clicking on the Gears icon on desktop. Here you can select the method of notification for each channel.


Email Notifications

Email notifications are only sent to verified email addresses.

In the Lane app, go to Profile > Personal Information. On desktop, click on the Profile icon and view Login Management.

If it says unverified next to your primary email address, click on it to send a verification email. When the email arrives, click on verify to confirm and complete the process.

Push Notifications

Push notifications appear as banners or badges in your mobile device. However if the device settings is set to block notifications from the Lane app, they will not appear.

To enable notifications on your mobile device:

  • iOS: Go to Settings > Notifications and make sure Notifications are turned on in general. Scroll down and select the Lane app. Enable Allow Notifications and select the type and style of notifications you want to receive.
  • Android: Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications. Select the Lane app and make sure Show Notifications is On. Make sure Allow Notifications is turned on.

If you're still not getting notifications, contact the Help Desk at and we will be happy to help you figure it out.

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