🎉 5.59.0 - Nov 3, 2021: Updated Profile information

Updated Profile Tab

The profile tab has been updated with a quick access icon that reveals the user's QR unique code. 

Subscriptions has been renamed Your Memberships.




Expanded support for search using accented characters

Users can now search by accented characters.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed device limit for mobile access when using Safetrust on more than one device.
  • Fixed an issue with Safetrust login where the password field was blocked.
  • Fixed an issue with logging out from HID.
  • Fixed an issue which ensures that after a Custom Filter is added, the changes made in Section. Type, Search, Filters, and Sorting should not change to their default state.
  • Fixed an issue with location filters, allowing search results to populate when searching for "All Locations."
  • Fixed an issue when the calendar is opened, the date range shows 2 days are selected instead of 3. It now matches the minimum days as configured.



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