Best Practices for Creating Notices

How do I create Notices that resonate?


Notices are a great way to keep your tenants informed of changes or reminders. Anything that impacts the ability to access or move freely within a property should be put out as a notice on your building channel.

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How do I ensure my Notices stand out?

Notices work best when published front and center on the home tab. Organize them under a heading such as:

  • “Bulletin Board”
  • “Notices”
  • “Today’s Reminders”
  • “Building News”


Types of Notices:

  • Building changes, like construction, access, parking, outages, planned maintenance, internet connectivity, etc.
  • Reminders, for events, drills, or general housekeeping reminders.
  • Emergencies or warnings, such as any damages or unplanned changes.
  • Live updates or alerts are created to inform of changes in real-time.

Always include:

  • A detailed, informative header
  • Time and place to allow for accommodations or adjustments to be made
  • Resolution or conclusion, so that tenants are aware of when the issue will be taken care of
  • A background color that draws fair attention


Examples of Notices:

Example 1: An unexpected change that informs tenants of the issue and timeline for a resolution.



Example 2: Reminding tenants about the location of a live event, with a call-to-action to join in on the fun.



Example 3: Alerting tenants before the maintenance, so they are able to plan their use of the network accordingly.



đź’ˇLane Tip:

Set a push notification to be sent at the time that best informs your tenants! Sending notifications on notices overrides a user’s notification settings, which makes them particularly useful for urgent messages.


Be proactive, timely, and meaningful.



Proper use of notices will help to create behavioral patterns in your users. Tenants will know to open your building app daily, to be informed of any alerts and reminders that will affect their day. This leads to higher user activity and engagement.


Ready to create notices at your building? Need a bit more help?

Feel free to reach out to our Support Team: We are happy to lend a hand! 

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