Content Feed Ideas: Long Term Publishing

What is Long-Term Content?

The type of content that does not have a time imperative and can stay on the feed for as long as you require. Use a tab or a feed to house static information needed for every new tenant to the building.


Examples of meaningful evergreen content, well-suited for long-term publishing:


Important Policies, Protocols or Amenity Bookings

If there are any policies that are particularly important to you, consider publishing them in the main content feed as a post, as opposed to the tenant handbook. For example:

  • Waste management or recycling programs,
  • Safety and security protocols,
  • The Lost and Found or,
  • Booking shared spaces, parking or facilities.

Community Groups

Post the sign-up form to join an on-site social or community group that runs all year round. Ensure that this is accessible so that interested subscribers feel welcome to join!


Tenant Profiles

Writing profiles on the companies, retailers, or people that inhabit your building can be an effective way to foster a workplace community. It can even drum up new business for those tenants that are featured.


💡 Lane Tip:

Informative posts can be categorized into Pins or Hot Buttons or in a "Resources" tab. Keep things organized and accessible to those that need it, when they need it! Be intuitive with how you sort content, so as to not stifle your users with information-overload!


 Building or Neighbourhood History, Icons or Favourites

If your building has a particularly interesting history, consider writing about it in a content post. Your tenants are probably interested to learn how their workplace was used in the past, and how it has changed. Leverage the locality by creating a post about the best hidden-treasures in and around the office. It may just become the new go-to spot for you and your co-workers!


The example below shares a listing of local eateries, using info rows, map blocks and enticing images:


Thought Leadership or Community Building Efforts

Is your company breaking new ground in the world of commercial real estate or contributing to the neighbourhoods in which it has buildings? If so, tell your tenants about your efforts. Perhaps they would like to get involved as well. Use the Interactive Features when publishing a content card, for instance plugging in the “Payment” feature can collect donations for a charity fundraiser, all within one post!



Using Lane to house evergreen or long-term content is the best way to consolidate building information. New tenants feel welcomed knowing that there is one source of truth to any building news, amenities and initiatives taking place. This value-add helps grow adoption and increase user engagement.



Ready to create content at your building? Need a bit more help?

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