Content Feed Ideas: Short Term Publishing

How do I maintain content for an exciting platform?


Lane is a platform flourishing with content.  What you put into it is what you get out of it. There are ways to ensure that all content on the platform maintains a certain level of quality.  Each content piece should be published with the aim to be meaningful, informative, and useful to the modern professional.


Let's start with some examples of content you can begin publishing today, well suited for short-term publishing


Short Term Publishing Content Ideas:


Digest or Weekly Round-Up

With a content card to act as a weekly digest, you can ensure your tenants are up-to-date on important building news and workplace activities. Consider setting a push notification for further engagement.



With notices, you can quickly communicate important information to tenants (i.e. maintenance, closures, alarm testing, etc.). 



Hear from your tenants and solicit feedback through surveys. You can ask both multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions to gather qualitative and quantitative responses.



Keep your tenants engaged with contests that provide a prize. There are multiple ways in which you can run a contest and choose winners - from random selection to skill-testing. 


💡 Lane Tip: 

Publish posts for no longer than 1-2 weeks.  

The modern professional is used to the fast-paced world around them. Plan on publishing new content cards every few days.


Service or Amenity Spotlight

Let your tenants know about some of the services and amenities available to them. Use a content card to link to that service/amenity page in your tenant handbook.


On-Site or Local Events

Have an upcoming event at the building or in the neighbourhood? Be sure to inform your tenants through the app and track RSVPs through a content post. 


💡 Lane Tip: 

Try a mini "Drip Campaign"

 If advertising an event, try posting a "Save the Date", "RSVP Reminder" and a post for the "Day-Of-Event".  Three versions of messaging around one topic will keep info top-of-mind for end-users. 


Building News or Press

Whenever your property is featured in the press or if the property is sharing an announcement, be sure to talk about it on the app. Your tenants should be able to take pride in their workplace. 


App Update Announcements

Whenever there is a major app update that introduces new features for end-users, advertise it through a content post. Lane will make this content readily available for you to distribute. 


💡 Lane Tip: 

Pre-Schedule what you know!

If there’s a chance you know what notices/events are taking place over a given month, pre-schedule content cards in advance.

For instance, recurring weekly giveaways or statutory holidays are firm dates that you can rely on. Simply ‘set it and forget it!’


Programming Initiatives

Want to get your tenants involved in some sort of initiative? Telling them about it on the mobile app can be an effective way to encourage engagement in programs that you care about.




By maintaining and nurturing your platform's channel with regular content updates, your subscribers will learn to keep revisiting the app for more. By ensuring that you are only posting what is meaningful and useful to your tenant base, is what will feed your content cycle.


Ready to create content at your building? Need a bit more help?

Feel free to reach out to our Support Team: We are happy to lend a hand! 

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