Integrations: Building Engines

What is Building Engines?

Building Engines is a platform used for managing maintenance requests, space reservations, visitor access, and more.

How does Lane integrate with Building Engines?

You can login to Building Engines from the Lane platform and view all Work Orders associated with your Building Engines account, and also create and submit a new Work Order.

What versions of Building Engines does Lane support?

Lane supports both Building Engines Classic and Prism.

How do I access Building Engines from Lane?

You can access Building Engines through an integration link set up by Lane in your channel.


How do I see the status of my Work Orders?

A list of all Work Orders associated with your Building Engines account is displayed based on status when you log in:


How do I create a new Work Order?

Click on Create a new order in the top right.


Enter the information as shown and click on Submit. The new Work Order will appear in the list of open Work Orders.


If you have any questions about the integration with Building Engines, contact the Help Desk at and we will be happy to help!

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