🎉 5.56.0 - Oct 21, 2021: Multiple categories in dynamic sections, show relative distance in info cards

Dynamic sections: include multiple categories

Before: When creating a dynamic section, you could only choose one content category to include. This means you had to have separate sections for similar but related items.

Now: You can select multiple content categories to search and include. This means you can create sections that include similar but related items, such as items categorized as either Tutorials or Education, or Meeting Rooms and Hot Desks. 



Show relative distance

Before: Info cards could only show a title, description and image.

Now: Info Cards for Pages can now show a relative distance to the user. This allows a user to see how far away a meeting room is from them when booking. 



Video content block

A new Video content block supports links to mp4 videos, and plays embedded in the platform. 

The Poster URL is an optional link to a cover image. You can control the height of the video and stretch the width to fill the screen or add padding around the edges.


Reporting Category

A new Reporting Group category has been added to Info Card which is used to categorize the types of content views in Insights & Reporting:


Bug Fixes

  • Checkboxes are easier to use with the ability to click within a "click zone" which includes the text next to the box: 
  • Ability to filter interactions by Closed status:
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