Best Practices for Using Sub-Channels

What are Sub-Channels?

Sub-Channels can be created by the Lane team to help you section off areas of your platform into categories that make sense for you.

Read More Here: How to: Use a Sub-Channel

Sub-Channels work best when one or more Admins run the space to create and manage content for the users of the sub-channel.

For example, within the entirety of a building, you may want to section off the co-working space members by using a sub-channel. The Admin a.k.a. the Community Manager of the co-working space can build content tailored to the co-working space members regarding events, services and initiatives taking place at the center. 


Here’s how one property has set up their channel hierarchy:

  • The entire portfolio, across multiple buildings, called the Parent Channel (34,000 users)
    • The Building Channel (8,500 users)
      • A sub-channel of corporate long-term lease tenants (5900 users)
      • A sub-channel of the co-working space members (300 members/users)
      • A sub-channel of retailers (120 retailer contacts/users)


Real-World examples:

1.) Social Sub-Channels:

Social Groups are a great option for a sub-channel to bring together tenants from any organization in the building to meet new people and share in a common goal or interest! For example, sub-channels would be perfect for a:

  • Charity Initiative
  • Book Club
  • Cycling/Running Club

2.) Building-Service Oriented Sub-Channels:

These are groups that take into consideration a group of building tenants based on a service that they utilize, for example:

  • Fitness Center Members
  • Parking Pass Holders
  • Daycare Parents

3.) More Real-World Examples of Sub-Channels:

  • Tenant surveys for different populations of the same building
  • Accepting payments for building services like a monthly parking pass
  • A sub-channel of on-site property management staff for internal communications


Often, micro-communities thrive best when given the niche to thrive in. Sub-channels can exist with separate branding and motives that stand apart from the Building Channel. Chat with your Customer Success Manager today about how creating sub-channels that are tailored to your tenants can help boost engagement and activity on your platform.


💡 Lane Tip: 

Sub-Channels can be “Public” or “Invite-Only”

You decide how you'd like tenants in the building to come across the sub-channel. Serendipity? Or a VIP invitation to join? The choice is up to you.


Ready to create Sub-Channels at your building?

If you need help building sub-channels, feel free to reach out to our Support Team: We are happy to lend a hand! 

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