🎉 5.55.0 - Oct 7, 2021: New Tabs, a new content block, more descriptive filters and improved mobile input fields

Redesigned Tabs in the desktop view

Before: Tabs required more space to show the icon and name.


Now: The name of the tab is moved under the icon, making the tab bar slimmer and more space efficient.


Tabs on the mobile app are unchanged:



New look for Filters

Filters now include a description field and can be placed into columns.

Before: Filters could only be placed in a single column with just an icon and a line of text.


Now: Filters have an optional Description field and can be placed into two columns.


Redesigned mobile input fields

Before: a single view when entering information in the mobile app:


Now: the mobile app supports light and dark mode, different views when active, hovering, or inactive. Error messages when inputs don't match expected values have been updated to stand out more.



Now: a new content block can be added that displays a summary of the items selected for purchase.


Various back-end platform optimizations, integrations improvements and minor fixes.



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