How To: Use Webhooks

What are Webhooks?

A Webhook is an event that triggers communication between two platforms.

How can I use a Webhook?

Webhooks can be used to initiate an action on another platform when something happens in Lane.

  • Webhooks can be sent to other platforms that can accept them, such as Stripe for payment processing.
  • Webhooks can be sent to middleware platforms such as and Zapier that connect with a wide range of other platforms. 

What triggers a Webhook?

There are two main types of events that can trigger a Webhook.

Interaction Events

When a user submits an interaction on a content item, in addition to sending messages to users or teams in Lane, you can now trigger a Webhook. You can define what type of event notification to send, and which platform to send it to.


Platform Events

Webhooks can be sent for platform events as well:

  • When a new user is created, invited, or removed
  • When a new channel is created
  • When content is added, removed, or ended
  • When a payment is made or refunded
  • and more!

How do I set up a Webhook?

Contact the Help Desk for help with creating and configuring Webhooks. 

If you would like help configuring Webhooks for your channel, contact the Help Desk at and we will be happy to help.



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