What is Lane's Data Privacy and Security Policy?


Data Privacy and Security


The app is used by office and property managers to keep you informed about important notices and events related to your workplace. We recommend selecting “Allow Notifications” in order to receive these announcements in a timely manner. Notifications can be received in three ways: in-app, by email, or text message.

  • You can control notifications on a per channel basis in your Profile settings.

Data Privacy

Your contact information (email address and name) is used to verify your account and membership in various channels.

  • We do not share your contact information with any outside parties.

Location Tracking

Your location data is used to identify nearby company and building channels and sort them by the locations that are closest to you.

Location Tracking for Mobile Access

Channels that have Mobile Access enabled allow for unlocking a building’s entry doors and gates with the app installed on your mobile device, replacing a physical key card or fob.

  • Selecting “Always Allow” for location permission is recommended in order to allow unlocking entry doors automatically. This allows you to approach a door with your mobile device in a pocket or a bag, and unlock it automatically, as long as you have the proper credentials to enter. This setting keeps the app active in the background in order for better responsiveness.
  • Selecting “Allow while using the app” location permission can be used to unlock entry doors manually using the app. This allows you to approach a door with your mobile device in hand, open the app, and unlock it in order to proceed through. This also assumes you have the proper credentials to enter.

We do store and log your access credentials and location data but we do not share it with anyone or use it for any other purpose.

Secure Payments

In some cases, you may be asked for payment to reserve an amenity, order food & beverage, or purchase an event ticket. Payments are made through the Stripe payment processing network or the PlacePay network, both of which use the best-in-class security tools and practices to maintain a high level of security.

We do not store, log, or share your payment data with anyone.

What is Lane's Data Privacy Policy?

Lane's full policy regarding how we collect and use information about our customers is outlined here:

What are Lane's Terms and Conditions?

Lane's terms and conditions around using the Lane platform is outlined here:

If you have any questions about Lane's data privacy or terms and conditions, contact our Help Desk at support@joinlane.com and we will be happy to help.

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