How To: Mobile Access with Openpath

What is Openpath?

Openpath is a digital lock and mobile access solution that works just like a physical access card except using your phone.

Why use Mobile Access?

Mobile access replaces access cards and key fobs by transforming your mobile device into a digital wallet that can store multiple access credentials and open doors by tapping or bringing your phone near an access reader. 

That means no longer needing to touch passcards, readers or common area surfaces in order to walk through lobby turnstiles or to open building doors.

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Configuring Mobile Access with Openpath


To use mobile access with Openpath, first look for the registration email from Openpath. It will ask you to install the Openpath mobile app, but instead we want to enable it on the Lane app.

Make note of the email address the registration email was sent to.


Look for the Openpath Registration link in your Lane channel. This may look different depending on the channel:


Check your device settings to make sure the following is enabled for the Lane app:


Click on Next and enter the email address associated with your Openpath registration:


Once the email address is verified, Openpath mobile access is now enabled on your device. 


Approach an Openpath door, lock, or turnstile with the Lane app running in the background and the lock will unlock for you.


If you have any questions about Mobile Access, contact the Help Desk at and we will be happy to help.

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