How To: Use a Filter

What is a Filter?

Filters allow you to easily sort and find content in your workplace. Filters are particularly helpful when viewing a large number of Pages in Dynamic Sections.


In what scenarios can a filter be used?

Filters can be used whenever there is a list of similar things that have different properties that a user may be looking for.

Examples include:

  • A list of meeting rooms available for reservation that have different number of seats and amenities.
  • A list of hot desks available for reservation that are available on different days or on different floors.
  • A list of classes that are available for registration that fall under different categories (Yoga, Cardio, Weight Training)
  • A list of events that are available for registration (Music, Art, Cuisine)

What types of filters are there?

There are two types of filters:

  • Standard filters are based on a single data input type, such as a Number.
  • Advanced filters are a custom list of icons and headings:

How do I use a filter?

To use a filter, click on the green filter icon and select the options that you are looking for. In the example below, the user is looking for a Meeting Room that seats at least 10 and has a Phone. The list of five Meeting Rooms updates to show the three that meet the criteria:


How do I create and apply a filter?

Contact the Help Desk for help creating and applying a filter in your channel.

The Lane Help Desk can help you create and apply filters. Contact us at and we will be happy to assist.



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